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Lead like the great conductors!

Lessons from great conductors can be applied to all leaders. Carlos-Kleiber, Muti, Strauss, von Karajan and Bernstein all ‘stand on the podium – which is their office’ and show us how different styles of leadership can affect orchestras. These principles can be applied to leaders and individuals within our society at large.

Itay Talgam states that conductors need to be ‘doing without doing … and if they love something then they need to give it away’. Here are a few principles that he presents to enable leaders to be more effective:

Happiness can be spread by opening space for partnership and by allowing individuals to develop their own story within that of a community. This is what makes the best music, when conductors motivate or use their authority, when required, but allow the musicains to play and become a partner within the music making.

A certain amount of structured control, spirituality and freedom is required for an orchestra to work together, create ensemble, receive feedback and create meaning within the music.

If a conductor is too structured then the music may be executed with no interpretation and little meaning and the orchestra, and individuals within it, can become dissatisfied and feel more like machines than a integral part of the music making process.

How do the leaders in your work and life relate to the conductors?

Posted in NEWS on June 19th 2014

Focal Hand Dystonia in The Economist

Musicians Dystonia is difficult to treat. Victor Candia proposes a treatment option called Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) and at London Hand Therapy we use this in combination with other approaches within therapy and home exercise programmes.

The full article can be read here, and further discussions about this approach are found within many of the papers on the Publications page of the LHT website.

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‘The Working Hand’ Course

‘The Working Hand’ Southampton Hand Course 27 June 2014

Katherine Butler will be presenting a lecture and workshop on ‘The Musician’s Hand’ at the 9th Southampton Hand Course.

See the details here >

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The Natalie Barr Award is given to Katherine Butler

Natalie Barr Winner 2013:
Katherine Butler
The Natalie Barr Award is a long term achievement award to recognise a BAHT member who has made a substantial contribution to hand therapy. This award has only been given six times in BAHT’s history which indicates the significance of the award and the high standard required to achieve this.
Read more about Katherine and how she came to win this prestigious award
For profiles of some of our previous winners see here

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London Hand Therapy:

  • Injury prevention
  • Hand and upper limb assessment and treatment
  • Postoperative management

Hand Therapy is both an art and a rehabilitation science for the upper extremity. The injured limb is evaluated and assessed, and a variety of treatment methods are used to achieve set therapeutic goals.

Hand therapists are qualified Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists who have become skilled in treating upper limb injuries and deformities through further education, training and clinical experience.