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Hands can communicate and express so many emotions

My dear cousin Gwynne is trained in Auslan, an Australian version of sign language. This timeless song is given a whole new meaning with beautiful hand movements and helps communicate the meaning of this song on a deeper level – enjoy!

Posted in NEWS on November 28th 2013

We can all fly if we put our minds to it and let go and move on and up!

Posted in NEWS on November 22nd 2013

Car crash victim’s elbow saved in pioneering transplant surgery

People understand less about tissue donation but without it this interior designer and mother of two would not have a functioning elbow. Read this Evening Standard article here and perhaps consider if you can sign up for an amazing cause.

Posted in NEWS on November 16th 2013

It’s all about options – this is not a race!

Tommy Igoe’s Lifetime Warmup gives drummers the tools to learn about their hands and improve their control. This is not about what is right or wrong, but rather how to develop a healthy foundation that will last drummers a lifetime. Below is a practical clip for drum stick holds, how to increase musicality and warm up techniques. The main focus is to remain loose and motivated and to increase confidence and control. Hope this is helpful to all percussionists and drummers.

Posted in NEWS on November 5th 2013

London Hand Therapy:

  • Injury prevention
  • Hand and upper limb assessment and treatment
  • Postoperative management

Hand Therapy is both an art and a rehabilitation science for the upper extremity. The injured limb is evaluated and assessed, and a variety of treatment methods are used to achieve set therapeutic goals.

Hand therapists are qualified Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists who have become skilled in treating upper limb injuries and deformities through further education, training and clinical experience.