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Katherine to lecture to GP’s about assessment techniques and Hand Therapy

Posted in EVENTS on January 30th 2013

Golandsky in Cambridge

The Golandsky Institute is visiting the UK for the first time and is holding a conference in Cambridge. The principles they promote, first pioneered by Dorothy Taubmann at the Juilliard School, are very sound and are effective in helping musicians learn performing habits that minimise strain on their hands, arms and other body parts. A two day meeting is going to be held at St John’s College, Cambridge on 22 and 23 March and more details can be found on this link.

Posted in NEWS on January 26th 2013

Stairway to Heaven

An incredible tribute to a brilliant band and beautiful song – enjoy! Wonderful footage of Robert Plant and Jimmy Page too!

Posted in NEWS on January 23rd 2013

Hypermobility book – a personal perspective and guide to living with it.

This is a brilliant book that gives insight into how hypermobility affects individuals. There are many practical and useful tips and reflections from people whose diagnosis have been delayed or who have struggled with different aspects of this condition. This book is well worth having on your shelf to lend to friends and patient’s who suffer from this condition.

Posted in NEWS on January 21st 2013

UK’s first hand transplant

This is inspiring and wonderful! Surgical techniques and therapeutic interventions continue to develop, grow, challenge and fulfil us. The attached article outlines the surgical approach and some of the trials that the patient will undergo as they learn to use their ‘new’ hand.


Posted in NEWS on January 12th 2013

London Hand Therapy:

  • Injury prevention
  • Hand and upper limb assessment and treatment
  • Postoperative management

Hand Therapy is both an art and a rehabilitation science for the upper extremity. The injured limb is evaluated and assessed, and a variety of treatment methods are used to achieve set therapeutic goals.

Hand therapists are qualified Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists who have become skilled in treating upper limb injuries and deformities through further education, training and clinical experience.